Battlefield Tours With A Difference!

Welcome.  This website is designed without distracting photos or maps which are freely available on the internet if you need them.   It is simply designed to let you know the sites you can visit, what it will cost you, and the results that you can look forward to.

Familiar with the Battlefields?  Our objective is to give you the greatest degree of flexibility so that you do not waste time on sites which you are already familiar with.  

First time visitor?   Should you be unfamiliar with the battlefields, then let us know what your own personal objectives are, and we will design the tour specifically for you.  Alternatively, use the following pages to design your own tour.

Do you have a relative who fought or died on the Western Front?   At no extra cost, we can endeavour to find the exact trench where he fought or died and you can make a pilgrimage there.  We will also provide maps for you to take away with you.

WW1 Battlefields Alive

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